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Saturday, 11 June 2011 11:17
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Message from President 2010-2011


Dear Friends,

We are starting a new NITCAA year. This is our time to be inspired once again. While inspiration can come to anybody at any time, we can create a conducive climate within ourselves to welcome inspiration to help us soar.

Our inspiration to carry the work of NITCAA forward this year has to be followed through to yield results. This calls for perspiration, application of effort, follow-up and, of course, a purposeful objective. This year being the Golden Jubilee of our institution, makes it all the more challenging.

Since it's inception in the mid 1980's, the Cochin chapter of NITCAA has slowly and steadily grown to an asset base of about Rs.40 crores and a membership of over one thousand. All these years we have maintained a low profile and I feel that it is time for us to announce the presence and arrival of NITCAA Cochin chapter to society. The World NITCA Meet 2011 in August should be the ideal launching pad for our entrance on the public stage. Now that we have a worthy goal, let us put all our resources, energy, willpower and effort to make this a MEGAEVENT. I am sure at the end of this event, the bonds with our college mates will be stronger and NITCAA will be in the awareness of society.

With the Cochin chapter being the oldest and largest alumni association of NITC, I feel that we have a lead role to play in organising and coordinating NIT alumni all over the world. I am sure the World NITCA Meet will definitely help to accomplish this objective, while the long cherished dream of a club will pave way for our strength, unity and growth of this fraternity. Making the NITCAA Cochin Chapter a force to reckon with will be our long term goal.

NITians, let us not just dream of great accomplishments, let us all stay awake and make this happen. Nobody can stop us from achieving the best, doing the best and being the best except one person in the world - YOU, YOURSELF.

Let us together, make our dreams a REALITY!

Best wishes,

President - NITCAA Cochin Chapter

Our Vision

 NITCAA as a community envisions to focus the collective energy of the members to prosper into a brand which the members are proud to be associated with, by carving out our special niche in the contemporary society with meaningful interventions.

To provide a forum to help any member to realize his/her full potential

To provide a platform to rally together to help to grow as a family, as a social support system to fulfill the emotional needs of members


Prof.P.M. Jussay

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